Thursday, October 24, 2013


Last month three people died in Illinois from the deadly street drug Krokodil. For that reason, I am taking the time to educate the readers on this unusual drug. First, it is a street drug from Russia. The parent molecule is Desomorphine which is a morphine derivative. The dealers combine codeine and iodine and phosphorus into a powder and then take it to the street to sell. Not many folks in Russia or the Ukraine die, and the reason why is simple. When Krokodil gets stateside dealers want to make more money and include additives such as lighter fluid, paint thinner and a host of other substances which are lethal. The drug causes gangrene after the skin becomes scaley and turns a greenish hue. Limbs are often necrotic and need to be amputated. Death is a real possibility. In addition, some codeine may contain Diphenhydramine which potentiates opioids. The feeling lasts about and hour and a half, withdrawal begins immediately, and this is a sure way to play Russian Roulette with life. Although I rarely say 'Don't use drugs', this is one time when I highly recommend you stay away from this substance for two reasons: First, why give drug dealers a way to make more money? And second, why take the risk involved for an hour and a half of questionable pleasure, unless you have a death wish!