Monday, December 8, 2008


1. Eat Right and stay hydrated with water. Protein and fruits work well.
2. Sleep 8 hours and take two 5-minute rest breaks during the day. Breathe deeply and get centered.
3. Take a 5-minute walk or do some daily exercise. The 5 minutes is easier to fit in than 30 minutes every other day.
4. If you don't have a problem, drink socially, not alone. 2-3 drinks in an evening is fine. Just don't drive.
5. Don't smoke marijuana to get through stress. Also, take medications as prescribed.
6. Surround yourself with positive people. It is contagious!
7. You hav the power to make the day a good one. You can choose not to attend something if it is going to upset you.
8. Do something nice for someone else. Simple, but meaningful acts of kindness benefit the giver as well.
9. Find peace within yourself, at church, synagogue, the movies, the beach or with friends.
10. Be grateful to be above ground. It sure beats the alternative!



AJ Gerritson said...

Dr. McGowan,

I think these are great tips! Often many people do not take care of themselves during the "season of giving" and they should! It's all about the work/life balance!

Happy Holidays,


Dr. Alicen said...

Thanks for the feedback. We are uged by the media to be happy, to buy things we cannot afford, and to keep up with the 'energizer bunny' without a break. Self-care is critical and so is the work/life balance. Without it, we get tired and tend to make choices that are less than admirable.
Happy Holidays to you also!
Dr. M

Blogger said...

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