Monday, March 26, 2012


This morning's special news segment addressed the question about whether or not parents should introduce alcohol in the home, so that children will understand how to drink when they reach majority age. The issue with the question posed, is that there is an assumption made, that parents themselves understand how to drink reasonably.

The problem is that children and teens are not physically capable of handling alcohol. Developmentally, they need pure foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables, grass-fed beef and poultry, for brain growth. They do not need alcohol at a time when the brain is learning and expanding its knowledge base.

They also do not need to emulate the drinking behaviors of adults around them. Especially when most do not understand that a woman should drink a maximum of 3-4 (one ounce) drinks in an evening at most, and a man about 5 ounces. A standard size glass of wine in America is over the three ounces to begin with. And watching parents who come home and have a beer to relax each night sends a negative message that alcohol is an acceptable tool to use to unwind.

Whether the drinking age is 21 or 18, teaching people how to drink is a great idea. Waiting until the brain and body can handle alcohol is an even better idea!


mathew said...

If children drinking at home then their parents should advice them and try to cure their alcoholism with herbs.

Dr. Alicen said...

Thank you for the comment Dr. Mathew. I would really appreciate more information about the use of herbs in alcohol addiction treatment. I am very open to alternative means of treatment, but my training in this area is very limited. Please comment again. Many thanks!