Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MODERN PRODIGY - AUTISM is being developed to offer a different perspective to the way we think about Autism. Many see it as a disability; a frightening abnormality without any cure or possibility for complete recovery. Children diagnosed on the spectrum, most likely cannot communicate. They do not engage with other children and adults. They often exhibit stereotypical movements. They are not easy to reach emotionally. These things make them different. And when something is different and difficult to understand we shy away from it.

Modern Prodigy presents the child with autism in another light. They do communicate, just not the way we are used to seeing. They do think, just not in an organised fashion similar to our thinking. These children do not look us in the eye because they are seeing things in a larger visual field using their peripheral vision. Because they do not respond the way we want them to does not mean that they do not understand.
We  are asking, you the reader, to open your minds to the possibility that these are the child prodigies of the future. Our job is to try to welcome them as a gift to society.

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